Where are the Knights?

The initial design of the game called for a Knight class in the Albion Realm. The observant follower of Dark Age of Camelot has noticed that the class/guild list for the game no longer lists Knight as a playable class. The reasons for this are many, but essentially, we decided to reserve the title of Knight for players that have a large number of Realm Points � i.e. they show that they are indispensable to Albion. So, in the game if you ever see someone with the title of �Knight�, you can assume they are a Realm leader; someone who has done many brave deeds in the defense of Albion.

We may extend this to have different high-level Realm titles for the different classes, so that Wizards and Sorcerers would be called �Archmage�, Paladins and Armsmen would be �Knights�, etc. We�re still working on that concept.

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