I am having trouble viewing my screenshots that I take in the game. What program will allow me to view my saved screenshots?

Screenshots you take in game are saved to your c:mythicCamelot folder and are saved in the following format; sshot****.tga. You will most likely have to convert the files to a more user-friendly format such as .jpg in order to view them. Keep in mind that the screenshots are saved in whatever client that you are using at the time. If you take the picture while playing Shrouded Isles, then the screenshots will be saved to your c:mythicisles folder, rather than the Camelot folder. There is a program called ACDSEE which will view and convert these types of files. This file can be found by going to and performing a search for ACDSEE. Please note, Shrouded Isles screenshots are saved in a .JPG format.

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