What can you do to gain levels besides fight monsters?

We realize that players don't always want to kill monsters to advance in levels -- Dark Age of Camelot is designed to allow the player to also attain the experience necessary to level from quests, killing players from another realm, or taking a battleground keep. Some monster hunting will always be required, but through judicious use of these other options, players can greatly enhance their playing experience.In addition to the more complex quests, Camelot an "auto quest" generator, where a player can go up to an NPC and ask it if it has any "tasks" for them to do. The NPC can then randomly create either a "carry task", where the player takes an object to another NPC, or a "kill task" where the player has to go and kill a certain number and type of monsters as dictated by the NPC. These tasks are automatically generated based on the player's level, so they will always be level-appropriate. These tasks are available until you reach 20th level.

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