What are the Races that you can play in Midgard?

The Norse inhabitants of Midgard are hardy mix of human and creature, but all are rough, tough, and love battle. As such, the Norse are the best fighters, but have the weakest magic, which is mostly limited to the priests of their different gods.

Norse Common man of Midgard

Dwarf Wise short stocky creature, hailing from the underground caverns of Midgard

Troll Huge, slow, strong creature.

Kobold Mischievous, quick dexterous small creature.

Valkyn (Shrouded Isles-only race) Domesticated group of the prehistoric humanoid savages known as the Morvalt.

Frostalf (Trials of Atlantis-only race) Descended from the Svartalfar, and hailing from Niflheim, the Frostalf has high piety.


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