The ability icons are in sheets. You can download them and cut them out and re-upload them. When naming the file, please use the following naming convention:


New AbilitiesEdit

Combat IconsEdit

Cbt 500 Cbt 600 Cbt 700 Cbt 800

Skill IconsEdit

Skl 1600

Item IconsEdit

Itm 1200 Itm 1300 Itm 1400 Itm 1500

Weapon IconsEdit

Wpn 900 Wpn 1000 Wpn 1100

Spell IconsEdit

Spl 0 Spl 100 Spl 200 Spl 300 Spl 400


Brdr 0

Extra IconsEdit

Wgsm 0 Wglg 100

Old IconsEdit

Combat IconsEdit

CBT 500 old CBT 600 old CBT 700 old CBT 800 old

Skill IconsEdit

SKL 1600 old

Item IconsEdit

ITM 1200 old ITM 1300 old ITM 1400 old ITM 1500 old

Spell IconsEdit

SPL 0 old SPL 100 old SPL 200 old SPL 300 old SPL 400 old

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