Test Version 1.90h

Test Version 1.90h Release Notes - Frontiers and Siegecraft

Dark Age of Camelot

Test Version 1.90h Release Notes

Frontiers and Siegecraft

August 23, 2007



 - A new command has been added which allows guild members to deposit coin directly into that player's guild bank. The command is as follows: '/gc deposit' [copper]

 - The condemned door message will no longer show up on the interior door of houses.

 - The /who command has been updated to allow searching for players based on the new RP flag. To search for fellow role-players use the following command: '/who rp'

 - Geddsyn, the Svartalf Apprentice, now offers a large shield Dragonslayer weapon choice to Thanes. As with the other weapons offered only through the apprentices, players will need to choose one of the weapons offered by Raxnathor first and then hand that weapon to Geddsyn to be offered the shield.


 - If a siege engine is moved, it will now properly require you to aim again before allowing you to fire.

 - Building siege engines that require a Siege Tent nearby will now give the proper error message if there is no siege tent nearby. This fixes an issue where it would previously indicate it required a different tool.


 - The color of the Siege Tower hookpoint has been changed to make it more visible.

 - A number of art related fixes have been introduced for the keep and outpost pieces.

 - The location for Keep lords is now consistent for all levels of the Keeps.Â

 - Players attempting to build a Siege Tower while stealthed will be unstealthed by the building action.

 - Constructing a Siege Tower will flag the outpost as ‘under siege' which will trigger it to show up properly on the realmwar map.

Note: Due to the way the Siege Tower operates, pieces with a Siege Tower Hookpoint will now not take damage normally. This means the only way to ‘damage' or ‘breach' that particular piece is via a Siege Tower.


Quests - Albion

 - The NPC guild leaders in Albion (Dostram, Bishop Kustan, Master Narudos, and Sir Amren) will no longer accept Nimue's letter for Rest for the Dead (Epic 9) from classes that don't belong to their guild. Â

Item Notes

 - The Midgard version of the Dragonsworn Hunting Spear will now salvage correctly


Albion Monsters

 - Xanxicar now has an Epic Encounter title.


 - Rams can now only be boarded by players friendly to the player that placed the ram.

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