Over the last two weeks I have really enjoyed getting back into the swing of things, after being gone for over 12 years.   However, this is not the game I fell in love with all those years ago, so much has changed.  The PVE aspect seems to be fairly the same and still great!  However, the PVP is way out of hand, feels like I am playing ESO.  The damage is out of control and so is the defense.  This is due in large part to all the charges of items and pots.   Which most stack on one another, along with buffs.   Yes, they are doing away with AF/Shield stacking.  What is that going to change really?   For a retuning player, which is what DAoC has been promoting for over a Month now, you are too far behind to even stand a chance in PVP.  (I went through 5 templates in a week to try to compete) Although I am playing a SB, I here the same complain from many retuning players; Damage is out of hand, how can 1 person kill 4-5 people at once.  DAoC should go back to its roots to get players back.   It may be too late at this point to do that, but when DAoC was at its peak, charges, pots, and stacks were not a big thing.  It was about pure skill and your build.  Even back then this game was not for everyone,  but it was the best on the market.  However, now with all the charges and pots, this game only appeals to a very small percentage of players that is willing the have 8 qbinds and 3 different hot bars to keep up.   (most likely players who never quit playing)  Like I said before it may be too late in the game to change these things, or you feel as though it will kill the game.  I look at it like this; if you are a true DAoC fan you will accept change and play, like I, and so many others who are struggling with the out of hand RVR system that is not DAoC in its prime.   If you want to grow the game this is a must, something has to be done or new players will not stick around, thus the community will not grow.  For starters what you could do is implement a charge/pot free RVR zone.   Just your build and your buffs, old school, true come back to Camelot.  I want this game to succeed and last for as long as it can, and this is my suggestion.

- Imshortisback

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