Studded is a medium armor, used by Albion and Midgard. It will absorb 19% of incoming damage.

163.png 166.png 164.png 160.png 165.png 167.png

Classes that can wear Studded armor can also wear Leather and Cloth armor.

Resistance Edit

The resistance of an armor is increasing or decreasing the users resistance when being attacked by bow or melee attacks.

Strengths Edit

  • albs.png +10% Crush Resistance
  • mids.png +10% Thrust Resistance
  • +10% Heat Resistance

Vulnerabilities Edit

  • albs.png -5% Thrust Resistance
  • mids.png -5% Slash Resistance
  • -5% Cold Resistance
  • -5% Energy Resistance

Available ToEdit

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