Spraggon Den map
Realm: Hibernia
Expansion: Classic

Current Description

Located in the Silvermine Mountains, the Spraggon’s Den is the underground home of the wily Spraggon. Many a careless adventurer has met his end in these tunnels, dismissing the Spraggon as merely mischievous fae. The Den’s inhabitants do not take kindly to intruders and will call upon their skill at arms and magic to defend their territory.

Release Description

Adventurers seeking to rid the Silvermine Mts. of its excessive Spraggon population should seek out the Spraggon Den, a messy dungeon dug out of the earth and the remains of old silver mines that many spraggon call home. It is inhabited primarily by the spraggon, along with a few other creatures that make their home in the earth.

Adjacent Zones

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