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The Shrouded Isles is the first expansion to Dark Age of Camelot and is commmonly refered to as SI or Isles, it was released November 12, 2002.

It extends the story of the original game with new character classes, new races, and three new continents to explore - displayed in an all-new state-of-the-art graphics engine that make it look as advanced as any game on the market.

New ZonesEdit

Albion Zones Midgard Zones Hibernia Zones







New RacesEdit

Albion Midgard Hibernia

New ClassesEdit

Albion Midgard Hibernia


  • All new ambient music soundtrack Revamped user interface
  • New graphical engine with spectacular new visual effects
  • Loads of new quests, weapons, armor, outfits, monsters, advanced monster encounters
  • and a ton of other additions.
  • This expansion also introduced the ability to start your character in the Shrouded Isles, this feature was later removed as the starting area was consolidated and then the tutorial area was introduced.

Logos UsedEdit

About DAoC si logo
L si


Shrouded Isles Trailer - Mythic

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