Lesson Quests were added in Patch 1.110 with a new quest icon these optional quests taught the player about various game features.

Levels 1-9 (Holtham / Fintain / Hafheim)Edit

Name Description NPC
Lesson: The Color of Emnity
  • Monster difficulty
albs.png Pacel
hibs.png Finian
mids.png Tamika
Lesson: Melee Combat
  • Styles
albs.png Jordy
Lesson: Spell Damage
  • Spells
albs.png Jordy
Lesson: First, Do No Harm
  • Death
  • Resurrection
  • Healing
albs.png Brother George
hibs.png Rola
mids.png Tari
Lesson: A Recruit's Welcome
  • Purchasing from a merchant
  • equipping gear
albs.png Miraveth
hibs.png Dagnelia
mids.png Miraveth
Lesson: /Stick /Follow and /Face
  • /stick
  • /follow
  • /face
albs.png Kamala
hibs.png Master Nidal
mids.png Master Gethin
Lesson: Delving Items
  • Delving and tooltips for spells and styles
  • Delving for items and abilities
albs.png Raphelle
hibs.png Master Diana
Lesson: For *realm*!
  • Battlegrounds
albs.png Channeler Annalyn
hibs.png Channeler Srae
mids.png Channeler Borrolf
Lesson: Make Haste!
  • Speed of the Realm
albs.png Ministrel of Albion
hibs.png Bard of Hibernia
mids.png Skald of Midgard
Lesson: Repairs
  • Repairing equipment
albs.png Elizabeth
hibs.png Kilee
mids.png Sonya
Lesson: The Benefits of Potions
  • Potions
albs.png Old Man
hibs.png Thal
mids.png Old Man

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