Level: 1
Geirvir the Wise
Related NPC's:
wild boar
Leads To:
Quest:Freja the Valkyrie Trainer


Slay 3 wild boars roaming the field northeast of Geirvir the Wise, then speak with Brodira nearby. If you have difficulty finding them,open your map to see where Geirvir has marked their location. (NOTE: Type /map to open your Map Window.)


You may have noticed several people throughout the village with the Lesson Quest icon over their head. Should you feel the need to sharpen your mind feel free to visit them to see what you may learn. However if you feel you are ready to join the fray of combat, then I have a task for you. To the northeast of here, near the edge of the village, is a sounder of wild boars that have been slowly accumulating over the past few days. These creatures are aggressive in nature and have been attacking anyone drawing too close. They must be dealt with and cleared from this area. I have marked your map with the location of the boars so that you may find them and reduce their numbers. When you have finished, I would like you to report to Brodira, the Gythka or Thor, who can be found north of me, along the road to lower Hafheim. This location is also marked on your map and will be available when you finish my first task.


Slay 3 wild boars. Speak with Brodira just north of Geirvir.


Ah *name*, isn't it? I've been expecting you. I see that you have been busy protecting Hafheim against the malevolent creatures nearby. We will require more of your help very soon, noble *class*.


  • 180 experience
  • 15 copper
  • shining Recruit's Chain Hauberk
  • shining Recruit's Studded Jerkin
  • shining Recruit's Leather Jerkin
  • shining Recruit's Padded Tunic
Body 2% Spirit 2% Crush 2% Slash 1%


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