Level: 12
Master Kless
Master Kless
Related NPC's:
spriggarn batterer
Leads To:
Demoralizing the Bandits


Master Kless needs spriggarn batterer blood to use in a spell that will help determine if they are under a malevolent influence. Kill five of them, and return to him with their blood.


My research into the cause of the change in behavior of some of the fae creatures in our area is going fairly well. Still, I've not come to any conclusive results. All the while, their malevolent antics have increased in frequency. I fear that if a cause or solution is not found soon, the Church will begin to take matters into its hands, and that will not bode well for any creature of the Old Ways.

I would attempt consulting with members of the druidic faith in nearby Salisbury Plains, but they're not the most sociable lot, and many of them are not fond of those of us making our homes near the city. I've had a series of unfortunate encounters with them, myself, in the past. So I guess I'll keep plugging away at it in hopes of discovering something of note. If I could go to the druids with concrete evidence, they may listen to what I have to say.

To that end, I could use your assistance. Would you be included to help?


Kill 5 spriggarn batterers Return to Master Kless


Ah, you got the blood, excellent! Hopefully, it's only matter of time now before I'm able to put the pieces of all this together. Thank you for your help, *name*!


  • 54 silver
  • 140,000 experience
  • Cotswold Defender's Chestplate
- Melee 1, Parry 2, Slash 2%
  • Cotswold Defender's Chestpiece
- Melee 1, Acuity 9, Slash 2%
  • Cotswold Defender's Tunic (Studded)
- Melee 1, Slash 2%
  • Cotswold Defender's Tunic (Leather)
- Melee 1, Acuity 9, Slash 2%
  • Cotswold Defender's Robe
- Magic 1, Acuity 9, Slash 2%



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