Level: 10
Sir Sagramore
Sir Sagramore
Related NPC's:
Leads To:
Quest:A New Hero's Welcome


Introduce yourself to Arklen, next to Sir Sagramore in Cotswold.


Hmm...a *class*...ahh, you must be *name*. Welcome to Cotswold! My name is Sir Sagramore, a knight of Arthur's renowned Round Table. These eyes have seen many lands while defending Arthur's name from those that would take advantage of his death. I've charged down the rolling hills of Hibernia and seen the white land of Midgard turned red. Alas, the Norse and the Celts are resilient. Even now, battle rages across the frontiers. Though my body has finally begun to fail me, never will I cease to defend Albion's shores! I have decided, at King Constantine's bequest, that the best way to do so is to train the next generation of Albion's heroes. My squire here, Arklen, will be your main point of contact for any tasks I have for you. Please introduce yourself to him. And remember, *name*, through you Arthur shall live forever!


Introduce yourself to Arklen


Hail and well met, *name*.


  • 29 silver and some copper
  • 12,800 experience
  • Mythic crimson cloth dye
  • Mythic crimson leather dye
  • Mythic crimson enamel
  • Mythic black cloth dye
  • Mythic black leather dye
  • Mythic black enamel



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