Level: 10
Finnen - Constantine's Sound
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Leads To:


The Hibernian siege has kept Lysuni's leather supplier from making her delivery. She has asked you to collect pelts from the lynx that reside by the cliffs to the south.


Hello, *name*. Word has spread throughout the Sound about your heroic deeds. I wonder, do you have the time to aid in a concern of mine? I do hate to beg, or give you a poor example of our citizenry. As you may or may not know, I am a cloth merchant. my wares have seen use in warfare and tableware. Do you like that? I think I may use it to boost business. Anyway, my usual supplier has had trouble getting through because of the Hibernian siege. If you could hunt a few lynx by the cliffs not far from here, that should supplement my supply rather well. The lynx hide is softer and more flexible than that of the bear. it is excellent for light armor. Thank you, my friend.


Collect pelts from lynx near the cliffs. Return with the pelts and give them to Lysuni.


These will do quite nicely. Thank you. I do hope that something can be done about morgana or the Hibernians soon. it is causing havoc with my business.


  • 14 silver, 70 copper
  • 25,600 experience


The lynx are level 9. This quest should be done at the same time as Quest:Great Cat of the Sound from the same NPC, the killing is done in the same area.

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