Level: 6
New Avalon - Constantine's Sound
Related NPC's:
Leads To:
Quest:The Alchemist


Collect three bunches of ripe berries from nearby virulent Berry Bushes.


Hello adventurer! Of course I know who you are, *name*, I know everyone here. I'm selling dyes but I am training to be an alchemist and am trying to develop a new dye. Will you assist me by bringing back some ripe berries from the nearby virulent Berry Bushes? You will know they are ripe because they will have a red dot on the bottom of them. These bushes grow near the forest edge down near where the wagon road comes out of the forest. Be careful, bears also like to eat those berries. You know, you might want to try your hand at alchemy. To become an alchemist, just tell my mother Betty that you would like to be one and she will give you what you need to start you on your journey.


Collect three clusters of ripe berries Return to Petricia in New Avalon for your reward


Here is your payment and please choose from these great dyes I just made yesterday!



The berry bushes are near to the road where you escorted the caravan near some trees. Right-click on them to collect them.

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