Level: 10
Finnen - Constantine's Sound
2845s.png [Captain Alphus]
2845s.png [Captain Alphus]
Related NPC's:
NPC:Baltus Morvan
Leads To:


Make your way to the Minion camp and defeat the Minion Leader. You will need assistance when storming the camp. If you cannot find allies, speak with the wizard in town and see if he can be of assistance.


My friend, the time to strike is now. Morgana's army is reeling from your last attack. Their supplies have dwindled. Some have taken to defecting. We happened upon a Minion deserter, after some...convincing he told us something of great importance. We have had some difficulty in tracking the Minion leader. Until now, he has been quite elusive. Our deserter friend was kind enough to tell us that their leader would be inspecting the troops before the attack on our outpost. Now is the time. Strike the viper's head and we can end this threat. You will need aid in this endeavor and secrecy is no longer paramount. If there are no alies to be found, seek out the wizard in town, he may be able to assist you.


Defeat the leader of the Minons, Baltus Morvan. Return to Captain Alphus


You never cease to amaze me, my young friend. Here now I present to you this, take this token to Commander Kiethyn. Remember your struggles through this world are just beginning, but trust an old solder, the reward is worth the struggle.


Upon handing in the Armor Redemption Token you will be rewarded with equipment based on your class. Heretic


Sage is inside The Double E Tavern and will send you on Quest:A Wizard's Aid quest to help you, this will reward you with a damage shield and a str con buff. The NPCs in the camp are not that high a level and doing the optional quest is not required.

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