Level: 7
General Acheren
Commander Hreldan
Related NPC's:
Captain Grelarg
Leads To:
Quest:Invaders from the South


Report to Commander Hreldan if you wish to continue in the defense of Hafheim or if you wish to engage the enemies of Midgard in the Lion's Den, speak with the Channeler Borrolf, for passage to the Battleground and report to Captain Grelarg.


I observed your infiltration of the enemy encampment from my position. You seem to have a preternatural ability for dispatching the foes of Hibernia. Hafheim is in your debt for helping to protect her shores. You may choose to stay here in Hafheim, for if you did not notice the fray across the bridge near the tower, the forces of Albion have launched an offensive on our stronghold, Thorsa Faste. Alternatively, if you wish to be of service to the realm in a more serious capacity, I suggest that you seek glory in the Battleground known as the Lion's Den. To gain access to the Lion's Den, simply speak with Channeler Borrolf, the Battleground Teleporter, to my east then report to Captain Grelarg in the Lion's Den. Otherwise, I need you to report to Commander Hreldan as soon as possible. He will need your help to hold back the Albion invaders at Thorsa Faste.


Report to Commander Hreldan or Captain Grelarg


Well met, *class*!


  • 12,750 experience
  • 11 silver and some copper



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