Level: 9
Finnen - Constantine's Sound
2845s.png [Captain Alphus]
2845s.png [Captain Alphus]
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Captain Alphus suggests that you weaken Morgana's Minions before making an assault on their camp. Find a Minion supply create. Be wary of an ambush as you search.


Hail, citizen. What do you know of combat? The art of war? I shall instruct you on a very important lesson. Supplies are the lifeblood of an army and supply lines are the veins. Cut these veins and the mightiest giant is brought low. Do you follow? I want you to undertake a highly crucial mission. You must track down and attack Morgana's supply lines. You should start your search to the north of here. You may need some assistance, however I am hesitant to send my guard with you. First, it will weaken our defenses and with the potential for an attack soon I need my best in place here. Second, we must not arouse suspicions that we are on to them. Another rule of battle that I may go into further some other time. Go, disrupt their supply lines. If you can, make it look like a rival bandit clan attack. Keep steady, my friend.


Track down the bandit supply lines. Defeat the bandit ambushers. As you examine the create a gruff voice yells, 'You've wandered too far from home, little sparrow. Prepare yourself.' Return to Captain Alphus


Well done, my friend! That should weaken them considerably. I shall plan our next move. Please take this for your reat service to the realm. I'll be in need of further aid shortly.



Interacting with the box will spawn a level 8 bandit to fight you.

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