Level: 10
Constantine's Sound
Lord Stamford
Major Brutrin
Related NPC's:
Channeler Trent
Leads To:
Quest:To Cotswold


Speak with channeler Trent next to Lord Stamford for passage back to Major Brutrin in Holtham. Speak with Major Brutrin once there.


With your help, we have the situation under better control, but there is still some fighting left to do...nothing my soldiers and I can't handle mind you. No, it is time for you to head back to Holtham. I sense great things from you. Major Brutrin will direct you to where you are most needed. Could you update him on our status as well? Good good. Take care, *name*, and thank you again.


Speak with Channeler Trent for pssage to Holtham Channeler Trent says, "Greetings *race*, I am Trent. Lord Stamford has asked me to stay here to help evacuate any wounded back to Holtham. If he has granted you [permission] to return, I will be happy to teleport you to Major Brutrin." Channeler Trent says, "Right away, *name*" Speak to Major Brutrin


Ah, I thought I might be seeing you again. I am glad you did not disappoint me. It would seem that this tiny hamlet is too small for the likes of you...


  • 5,120 experience
  • 7 silver and some copper



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