Level: 8
New Avalon - Constantine's Sound
Related NPC's:
Leads To:


kill Snapclaw and bring its remains to Mordren for your reward.


I know you have done some good work for me, *class*, but I have heard stories from others too. Rumor around the camp is that you are a force to be reckoned with! I have a challenge for you, and we're not talking about chasing One Eyed Tom, I mean something real. There is a giant crab that roams the beach, the fishermen call it Snapclaw. Everyone is afraid of it, but I bet you could take it! If you can do it, I will make something special for you when you return with that delicious meal... I mean Snapclaw!


Kill Snapclaw Bring Snapclaw's remains to Mordren


Amazing! This might even turn out to be a good day! I can't wait to show my sister Betty, she will nod her head for joy and maybe even smile! I'm sure Snapclaw stew will be a nice change from cove crab stew.



Snapclaw is found towards the south end of the New Avalon beach, his model is bigger and a different colour to other crabs making him stand out. His level is 9 so be careful.

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