Level: 10
Finnen - Constantine's Sound
NPC:Aldus Goran
NPC:Aldus Goran
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Aldus Goran holds adventurers like you accountable for the disruption to the balance of the forests. he feels that placing food for the animals in bushes of Healing Herbs throughout the forest will help restore order.


You! I've heard of you. You'll find no awe or worship from me. I realize you were trying to help, but you and adventures like you have caused a great amount of havoc to the wildlife in this area. Now if you can put away the sword or hammer or whatever means of destruction you employ for a minute, I may have a better use for you! Between the bandits and people like you, the wolves and lynx have been displaced. I have an idea that may draw the wildlife back to their habitats. Here is some feed, mostly meat and grains, place this in the bushes or other suitable spots in the wood. Make no mistake, I may appear to have Hibernian learnings, but my blood is as red as a Camelot sunset. All must do their part to see Albion endures, this is mine.


Place meat in areas within the woods around Finnen Return to Aldus Goran.


Good, you have done well. it is one thing to realize the consequence of your actions, it is quite another to try and redeem them. Be well.


  • 14 silver, 70 copper
  • 25,600 experience


Right-click on the Healing Herbs bush to complete the quest objective.

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