Level: 10
Finnen - Constantine's Sound
NPC:Aldus Goran
NPC:Aldus Goran
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Leads To:


Aldus Goran has rallied you to his cause. He has asked you to plant some seeds at a specific location. It sounds as though he has gathered others to his cause as well.


Ah, you return, do you wish to further aid my cause? The time has come to replace some of the flora that those like you have harvested throughout this land. Go out to these locations, I'll make them on your map. Plant these seeds and that should at least replenish some of the plant life that has been removed. I thank you for your willingness to correct your mistakes, unwitting though they may be. I would handle this myself, however I think that this would be an opportunity for you to see the consequences of your actions. Consider it a learning experience.


Plant seeds at the location Aldus gave you. Return to Aldus Goran.


Thank you, I feel the work we have done here will undo some of the damage that we have allowed to occur. Your deeds have helped to protect the Sound and now they have helped to mend the Sound. Go and be well, my friend.


  • 14 silver, 70 copper
  • 25,600 experience


At the marked location is some Rich Soil, right-click on the soil to complete the objective. Surrounding the Rich Soil are brown bears, level 9.

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