Rations for Hegir
Level 2-6
Burial Grounds
Guard Lienna
Guard Lienna
Guard Hegir


Deliver the rations to Guard Hegir. Take the south passage down one level, then at the junction take the west passage down one more level.


Guard Lienna says, "Well met, [Class]. Will you aid our realm's [war effort] by delivering some rations for me?"

Guard Lienna says, "The rations need to be taken to Guard Hegir. To reach him, take the south passage down a level, then at the junction, take the west passage down one more level. What do you say?"


Guard Lienna says, "Good - hurry back when you've made the delivery, and I'll pay you for your trouble."

Guard Hegir says, "Are you the one bringing the rations? If so, hand them to me now - we're running out quickly here."

Guard Hegir says, "Thanks for your help. To collect your payment, go back and see Guard Lienna."

(Step 3) Return to Guard Lienna for your reward.


Guard Lienna says, "Thanks again. If everyone in the realm is as willing to help out as you are, we'll have no trouble against these new threats!"


  • 35 experience at level 2
  • 37 copper


There is no visual quest marker at this time to indicate that this NPC has a quest for you.

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