Level: 10
Dockmaster of Cotswold
Dockmaster of Cotswold
Related NPC's:
large pike
Leads To:
Quest:Albion's Legacy


The Dockmaster of Cotswold has asked you to thin out the Large Pikes infesting his stretch of the river. Speak with him again if you need water breath!


Hello, my good *class*. Can I swim? What? Of course I can! I'm a Dockmaster, for Merlin's sake! What kind of question is that? Swimming isn't the problem, well not the whole problem. Y'see, this stretch of the river has had a massive influx of pike recently. Not only are they eating all the other fish but they are making it impossible for me to take a swim each afternoon as I've done for years. If you would be so kind as to thin their population for me I would be eternally grateful. I would do it myself but...well, one can only take so many pike bites. Have no fear about swimming, I shall cast a spell on you that will let you breathe underwater.


Clear out 3 Large Pikes in the river Return to the Dockmaster


Ah, much better, kind *race*. Soon I'll be able to cool off just like I always have. Please accept these as tokens of my appreciation.


  • 38,400 experience
  • 29 silver and some copper
  • Water Breathing Potion
  • Defender's Cloak
(Str 9, Qui 9, Slash 1%, Crush 1%)


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