Level: 10
Related NPC's:
bandit hopeful
Leads To:
Quest:Going for a Swim


Find and defeat three bandit hopefuls, then inform Arklen for a reward.


Before you go, *name*. You may've heard a rumor about a lack of local guards here. Unfortunately, it's true, I'm afraid. King Constantine has spread our defenses quite thin, leaving folks around these parts pretty nervous about their safety. Not that he can be blamed, we just have too many foes to worry about in these trying times. If you're truly willing to help like you say, then I could use your assistance. One never-ending problem we endure is the trouble stirred up by local brigands that seem to cover the countryside like a plague. The more we arrest, the more we find days later. They're like insects... where you see one, there are hundreds more you don't. Would you be willing to help us out? Our people should feel free to go about their days without the constant worry of being set upon by thugs. Kill 3 Bandit Hopefuls and inform Arklen of your deed, I am sure he will be able to reward you from Sir Sagramore's coffers.


Defeat 3 bandit hopefuls Inform Arklen of your deed


Excellent, *name*! You've done very well. Perhaps word will spread among the bandits that the citizens of Cotswold will no longer tolerate their fear-mongering. You... you didn't happen to come across a purse out there did you? Ah well... no matter.


  • 38,400 experience
  • 29 silver and some copper
  • Defenders Bracer (10 hits, 2% spirit, 2% body)



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