Level: 1
albs.png Holtham
albs.png Jordy
albs.png Jordy
Related NPC's:
practice dummy
Leads To:


Speak with Jordy the Combat Specialist to learn about Melee Damage. Once done, use a melee combat style properly against the training dummy, then return to Jordy.


Speak with me and I will explain the basics of melee combat. When you are finished, use a melee style on any of the practice dummies beside me.


Speak with Jordy to learn about Melee Combat Jordy says, "As a melee-oriented profession, your primary source of effective damage will be physical. As you train in the various skill lines inherent to your profession, you will obtain additional [[styles] and abilities." Jordy says, "When you engage an enemy, you would do well to use your most recent viable style to inflict the greatest amount of damage. Certain styles have requirements such as positioning or previous styles, so make sure to understand the nature of your style prior to utilizing it. Additionally, it is important to remember that melee combat drains your [endurance]." Jordy says, "When your endurance pool is used up, you will no longer be able to utilize combat styles, so it is good practice to monitor your endurance during [combat]." Jordy says, "(NOTE: Melee styles can be found in the Combat styles section of your User Interface. You may afix these styles to your Quickbar, located by default at the top-left hand corner of your screen by left clicking a style, then dropping it on the Quickbar slot of your choice. Your endurance pool is represented by the green bar located on the summary window on your user interface.)" Use a melee combat style against a practice dummy Return to Jordy


Excellent, you can see how using combat styles affects your fatigue. Remember to keep an eye on it during combat.


  • 17 copper



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