Level: 1
albs.png Holtham
hibs.png Fintain
mids.png Hafheim
albs.png Channeler Annalyn
hibs.png Channeler Srae
mids.png Channeler Borrolf
albs.png Channeler Annalyn
hibs.png Channeler Srae
mids.png Channeler Borrolf
Related NPC's:
Leads To:


Continue speaking with Channeler Annalyn the Battleground Teleporter to learn about the Battlegrounds.


The battlegrounds are areas of conflict where members of Albion can prove their worth against foes from Midgard and Hibernia. These areas are critical to the success of Albion's forces and you, as well as our realm, will benefit greatly from participating in the battle there.

I am charged with sending any volunteers to the frontlines of a battleground full of adventurers that have similar experience to you.

As your experience increases, you will find new battlegrounds to explore, rewarding challenges to overcome, and perhaps most importantly, enemy fighters to slay. You can also gain entrance to the appropriate battleground by visiting one of the many other Channelers, like me, throughout the realm.

By telling me that you "[ready]" I will give you passage to the appropriate battleground. If you wish to stay here, do not fret, there are sure to be many tasks throughout Albion that you can assist with.


Continue speaking with Channeler Annalyn

Channeler Annayln says, "Greetings, *class*. I am a Channeler responsible for sending Albion's bravest souls to the frontlines of the ongoing conflict: the Battlegrounds. There are many different Battlegrounds, some more dangerous than others.

Fret not though, we will only send you to a Battleground that matches your experience. Would you like to see a list of the Battlegrounds and their [requirements]?"

Channeler Annalyn says, "

The Proving Grounds (Levels 1-4)
The Lion's Den (Levels 5-9)
Hills of Claret (Levels 10-14)
Killaloe (Levels 15-10, R1L2)
Thidranki (Levels 20-24, R1L4)
Braemar (Levels 25-29, R1L9)
Wilton (Levels 30-34, R2L4)
Molvik (Levels 35-39, R2L9)
Leirvik (Levels 40-44, R3L9, ML3)
Cathal Valley (Levels 45-49, R4L9, ML5)

If you become too experienced for a Battleground, you won't be removed from it immediately, but you will not be able to return if you choose to leave it. Good luck, *name*!"

Speak with Channeler Annalyn again


Go now, *name*! For honor, for glory...for Albion!





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