Level: 1
albs.png Holtham
hibs.png Fintain
albs.png Raphelle
hibs.png Master Diana
albs.png Raphelle
hibs.png Master Diana
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Leads To:


Speak with Raphelle the Realm Scholar to find out more on Delving, or how to obtain information about items, spells, abilities, and styles.


It is important that you be aware as to what the items and skills which you possess can do for you, and delving is one of the best ways to find out. I'll explain this process to you if you wish.


Speak with Raphelle about delving. Raphelle says, "You can use the delve system to find more information for Items, styles, Abilities and Spells chiefly. Spells and Styles automatically produce a delve window when you hover your mouse over them. Additionally you can right click a spell or Style to receive the full delve window. Abilities and Items work slightly different. To see an Ability or Item's delve information you first right click it. A menu will open up with other options including the info option. Clicking info will produce the Ability or Items full delve information. Speak with Raphelle again


I'm glad I could share this information with you. Remember to look at each item you receive in the world and use it to your advantage.


  • 11 copper



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