Level: 1
albs.png Holtham
hibs.png Fintain
mids.png Hafheim
albs.png Brother George
hibs.png Rola
mids.png Tari
albs.png Brother George
hibs.png Rola
mids.png Tari
Related NPC's:
Leads To:


Speak with Brother George the Healer to learn about death, resurrection and healing.


You will fight many battles, *race*. I am very sorry to say that some of them will not end in victory for you. When you engage a malevolent creature, and meet with defeat, do not fret for you may release your corpse unto death and arise at one of the many magical locations throughout the realm where you may bind your spirit. Releasing your spirit in this manner comes with a physical cost. For a brief time following your resurrection, you will suffer from an ailment known as 'Resurrection Illness'. The effects of this illness are temporary. A secondary and more permanent effect is a deterioration of your constitution. Releasing repeatedly will weaken you and it is at this time that you will wish to speak with a Healer. Yes, that is what I am, *race*. I will sooth your wounds and comfort your weariness...for a small fee. When you are suffering from Resurrection Illness or require that your constitution be replenished, visit one of the many Healers found throughout Albion!


Learn about death and healing from Br. George Speak with Brother George again


We are here to serve you, brave fighter of Albion. Remember to visit a healer when you are in need!




Hows about you fresh shaved funts actually give suggestions; like what to do if that slime ball 'Brother George' decides that he is too busy molesting altar boys to help??

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