Level: 7
Commander Hreldan
Captain Thorrek
Related NPC's:
Albion Invader
Leads To:
Quest:Off with Their Heads


Attack and kill at least 3 Albion Invaders around the tower in front of Captain Thorrek. Once you have killed the invaders, report to Thorrek.


These Albion invaders will not relent. They have been pressing their advance and I fear that my company of Huscarls may soon be overrun. I require your help to enter the fray and dispatch a number of Albion invaders so that we may gain the advantage before they are able to reinforce. Go forth and assist any of the Huscarls in killing the Albion invaders then report to Captain Thorrek. If you prove to be effective, he will demonstrate to you our appreciation for your support. Good luck, *name*.


Attack and kill 7 Albion Invaders Report to Captain Thorrek


A fine job, *race*! You have certainly proven to be a worthy fighter. Please equip this, its magical properties will enhance you to be more powerful, for there is more work to be done!


  • 30,600 experience
  • 14 silver and some copper
  • shining Recruit's Chain Sleeves
  • shining Recruit's Studded Sleeves
  • shining Recruit's Leather Sleeves
Con 3 Dex 3 Slash 2% Energy 1%
  • shining Recruit's Padded Sleeves
Con 3 Acu 3 Slash 2% Energy 1%



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