Level: 5
General Acheren
Related NPC's:
Hibernian Invader
Leads To:
Quest:Eliminating the Celts


Stop the Hibernian Invaders to the West of Hafheim from setting up their trebuchets. Meet Eylimi on the island afterwards.


It is as I feared, *race*. The invasion has started. Hibernian warships have come aground on the shores of Hafheim and from my position, I can see that they are setting up their trebuchets. A terrible barrage of siege will be upon us if we do not thwart this incursion. I have dispatched Eylimi, a master huntress, to approach the invasion force using her ability of stealth. She is concealing herself along the eastern shore of the peninsula at a location which I have marked on your map. On your way to her, slay as many invaders as you can. Be forewarned, these enemies are no foolish monsters. They will attack you if you are seen, even at some distance, so be very careful as you approach them. We must thin their numbers, and most importantly, disable their siege weapons. Do what you can on your way to Eylimi. May Thor guide your hand in battle, *race*.


Slay 6 Hibernian Invaders Steal Firing Pin from a Trebuchet (right-click) Find Eylimi on the north shore of the island


I watched your work, *race*. Well done. However, this invasion cannot be quelled until we dispatch the commanders who are responsible for coordinating the attack.


  • 8,685 experience
  • 6 silver and some copper
  • leg armor



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