Level: 9
Finnen - Constantine's Sound
NPC:Commander Kiethyn
NPC:Commander Kiethyn
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Leads To:


Find and defeat Blackfang. it is possible that some magical force is behind his long life. Be on your guard.


Good day to you, *class*. You have helped in our struggles with Morgana and her miscreants, but there are dangers other than her that threaten our peace. Invaders from Hibernia and Midgard also threaten our way of life. Even the forces of nature can turn hostile, which brings us to our current threat. For years, a wolf by the name of Blackfang has made the woods around the area his own. He has, in the past, kept to himself. Recently, he has taken to attacking misguided travellers. It saddens me to say this, but he must be put down. Be careful, he is a powerful beast. You don't survive as long as he has with out having a trick or two up your sleeve.


Defeat Blackfang in the forest outside Finnen. Return to Commander Kiethyn


I k now you return victorious. The howl could be heard from here. It was a sad task, but it had to be done. What? A bracer, may I see it. Well, that explains his long life. Keep it, it may serve you well in your travels. Good day friend.


  • 11 silver, 36 copper
  • 11,500 experience


Blackfang is level 7 but casts a disease on you for 20 seconds. He drops Bracer of the Survivor.

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