Level: 7
New Avalon - Constantine's Sound
Related NPC's:
Silent Betty
Leads To:
Quest: Fuel for the Fire


Kill 5 crabs and bring their claws to Mordren in New Avalon to make dinner.


Hello *class*. Let me welcome you to New Avalon. You know, it's dangerous around here. You might want to b ind at the bind stone next to Brother Jeremiah; it is one of the originals you know. I mean, it is one of the stones that fell from the sky just after Arthur's untimely demise. (If you want to bind to this bindstone, stand near it and enter /bind) I know you have been busy saving the kingdom and all that, but if you are looking for work in the mean time you can helpo me with dinner. Today we are having crab claw stew. I can pay you a little to hunt the crabs. Are you interested? The crabs are down on the beach... in case you didn't know. As a bonus incentive, I will mention that Silent Betty collects Shiny Shells from the crabs to make jewelry. If you give her enough of them, I'm sure she will make something for you.


Kill five cove crabs and collect their claws. Return the claws to Mordren


Here is the pay I promised. I'm sure this crab stew will be a lot better than the crab stew we had yesterday... or the day before....


  • 2 silver, 86 copper
  • 2,200 experience


cove crabs drop Shiny Shell's which are a bounty quest item for levels 7-8. If you give 10 of them to Silent Betty in New Avalon she will give you a gift. To hand them in to Silent Betty you will have to un-stack the items and hand them to her one by one. She will do a dance for every item you hand in. For each hand in you are rewarded 47 copper and 220 experience. The item received is Glowing Driftwood Necklace with con 4, cold 2%, slash 2%.

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