Level: 9
Finnen - Constantine's Sound
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Vartain needs a new rowan breadboard. using your skill in Woodworking, craft a new breadboard for him. Rowan wood can be purchased from Sentyn near the forge.


Hail, traveler. I try to make this a place of comfort, where people can come and escape the cares of the world for a time. I hate to impede your relaxation but if you have the time I need your assistance. I need a new rowan breadboard. That blasted Argi broke my old one over the good Captain's head the other night. My patience with that man is wearing very thing. Anyway, you can purchase some rowan wood from Sentyn, I think he has set up shop near the forge. If you would gather the wood and craft the breadboard for me, you would once again have my thanks.


Speak to Sentyn near the forge in Finnen. Sentyn says, "So, Vartain needs a new [breadboard], eh?" Sentyn says, "Yeah, I was there the night Argi [broke it] over the Captain's head. It was rather amusing. Argi was ranting about 'the ineptitude of the Guard', calling Alphus 'a putrid piece of algae fed dung' or some such. I almost wish I were a scribe, some of the insults that night were quite clever." Sentyn says, "Anyway, back to the business at hand. First you will need to purchase some wood from [my shop]." Sentyn says, "As you can see I have many fine wares. It is amazing what you can [scavenge] in an area such as this." Sentyn says, "Never mind that. My wares are of good quality and I'll have words with any who say otherwise. Now, Vartain asked me to help you carve a new breadboard for him, shall we get back to that. Once you have the wood, you will need to look through your tradeskills until you find the skill entitled [woodworking]." Sentyn says, "From there you should see a heading for breadboards, under that is another heading for a [rowan breadboard]. (Right click on the icon to get the recipe.)" Sentyn says, "Good luck now, and give Vartain my best. (Now drag the icon to your hotbar and press it to craft the breadboard. If you succeed a rowan breadboard will be created in your inventory. If you fail, simply press the icon on your hotbar again.)" Deliver the breadboard to Vartain.


Excellent, this is some sturdy work! You are quite the craftsman. That is surprising from one in such an early season of life. Thank you my friend. Here is a bit of coin for your trouble. Please relax and unwind, have a pint or some stew.


  • 11 silver, 36 copper
  • 11,500 experience


The rowan breadboard costs 2 rowan wooden boards to purchase. To hand in this quest, walk back to the tavern and hand the breadboard to Vartain.

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