Level: 8
Finnen - Constantine's Sound
Related NPC's:
Leads To:
Quest:The Hilt of the Blade


Help Bols replenish his supplies. head to the vein of ore south of the forge. Once you have mined the ore, return it to Bols in Finnen.


Good day to you, *class*. You have the look of one who has seen the harsher side of our beautiful land. Am I right? You might realize by now how much of a comfort it can be to have a strong bit of steel, be it sharp or blunt, by your side. Especially in times such as these, with such foul bandits stalking our lands. I stray from my point. I was hoping that you might lend your aid to a lowly blacksmith. I have been given a great honor. our tower captain is being honored for his valorous service to the realm in this crisis. I have been commissioned to forge a blade as a mark of honor for our brave captain. Again, I stray but a little from my point. Would you be so kind as to mine some ore for me? There is a vein not too far from here and I would greatly appreciate it.


Gather ore from the vein south of the forge. Return to Bols.


Ah, thank you *name*. This will do quite nicely. With this, I can forge a mightly blade. I thank you for all your help. Please accept this as a thank you, not only for your aid to me, but to this entire land for your assistance against the bandits.


  • 7 silver, 49 copper
  • 5,100 experience



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