Level: 11
Sir Dorian
Sir Dorian
Related NPC's:
bandit pledge
Leads To:


Several groups of bandits set up camp near Cotswold. Find and defeat three bandit pledges. Collect their insignia rings, then return to Sir Dorian for your reward.


These are difficult times, indeed. Those of us old enough to remember what things were like when Arthur was alive - well, its's difficult to think of what has been lost since then. Those were the golden years. Oh, King Constantine does his best, don't get me wrong! We're lucky to have a king with his integrity guiding our realm. But it's just not the same. You can't help but feel for him; he must know that everyone compares him to Arthur. It must be maddening, considering Constantine has much more on his plate and no Merlin at his side. And yet, they say Morgana is still out there, plotting from the shadows. It's no wonder the local villages are in the state they are in. Speaking of the state of our humble village, recent efforts at standing a message to the bandits didn't make much of an impact. They continue to be a thorn in our side. I'm providing a bounty to anyone who teaches those rabble-rousers a lesson, granted they bring me proof of the deed. Interested, *class* *name*?


Defeat 3 bandit pledges Return to Sir Dorian


Good job, *name*! Perhaps those thugs will think twice about to whom they'll be pledging their allegiance. Here's a little something for your trouble.


  • 83,600 experience
  • 44 silver and some copper
  • Defender's Grimstone
(Thrust 2%, Matter 2%, Energy 2%)
  • Defender's Bracer
(Hits 10, Spirit 2%, Body 2%)



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