Level: 8
New Avalon - Constantine's Sound
George the Foreman
Captain Alphus
Related NPC's:
Leads To:
Quest:Defending the Harbor


Head to Finnen and warn Captain Alphus of the impending attack.


Time is of the essence, we need to warn the captain of the outpost at Finnen. The letter you found spoke of an attack. It also mentions Morgana, though I doubt that she herself is the architect of these attacks. She has, however, inspired many cults to her name. In the past the Sound was plagued by a group calling themselves, Morgana's Minions. I fear they may have returned. You have more than shown your worth here my friend, please lend your aid to the people of Finnen. Go quickly, I fear for the safety of that outpost, it must not fall. It is vital to the security of our home. That outpost holds vigil to the seal. It is our first line of defense to a seaborne attack. Be swift of foot, *name*, I have sent word to our stable master that you are on your way.


Speak to Captain Alphus in Finnen


Whoa there, citizen. I am afraid that unless you have clearance I am going to have to ask you... What? Morgana was behind the bandit attacks! They're planning an assault, eh? We shall be ready for them. Thank you for this message.


  • 7 silver, 49 copper
  • 5,100 experience


Talk to the stable master nearby to purchase a free ticket and ride to Finnen.

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