Level: 9
Finnen - Constantine's Sound
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Vartain has been having trouble with one of his patrons, Argi. It would be a great relief to him if you could convince him to leave one way or another.


Hello again, my friend. I wonder if I could bend your ear for a moment. I have recently had problems with a newcomer to my humble establishment, a man by the name of Argi. A shady character that is always stirring up trouble and disturbing my regulars. It has gotten so bad recently, that I had to throw him out. Now, I am by no means easily shaken, but that figure concerns me. I think he may try something rash. I have heard that he is standing behind this very building. I haven't a clue what he's planning, but if you would be so kind as to talk to him and convince him to leave, it would be a great weight off my shoulders.


Convince Argi to leave through word or blade. Argi says, "What do [you want], you malformed piece of pond scum?" Argi says, "Oh, that ale-slinger sent you out to [muscle me], eh? Or do you just want to [talk?]" Argi says, "Oh, you just want to talk. Not likely. I know I make Vartain nervous. What did he tell you to do? [[Kill me], [threaten me] or perhaps just [persuade me] to leave." Argi says, "You'd have to be [very persuasive], friend. I would [move on], but this is the only pub worth the coin in the Sound." Argi says, "You're all talk! Let's see what you've got pond scum!" Return to Vartain.


Thank you, *name*. I know the task was a bit unsavory, but perhaps you can put that behind you with a good bowl of stew or a quick pint.


  • 11 silver, 36 copper
  • 11,500 experience


Argi is level 9 and can be attacked.

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