Level: 9
Finnen - Constantine's Sound
Lieutenant Gouth
Lieutenant Gouth
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Lieutenant Gouth has asked for your help in strengthening Albion's defenses. Gather siege rocks from the shoreline and deliver them to Lieutenant Gouth by the trebuchets.


Hail to you, *name*. I am sure you know of the trebuchets that stand vigil on the cliffs overlooking the harbor. You may even use them yourself in the future, once you enter the world and leave the sound. I wonder if you would lend your service to the realm. I have informed my commanders that we are running dangerously low on ammunition. I can't leave my post with the constant threat of approaching ships and they have yet to send help. It has become clear to me that I will need to handle this matter a bit more directly. Would you please gather some large rocks for use in the defense of your realm? There should be suitable rocks located just to the northwest of here along the shore.


Gather stones for use within the trebuchets. Deliver the stones to Lieutenant Gouth.


I see why the captain speaks highly of your work. These should do nicely in keeping the Hibernians from receiving any reinforcements to their line. Here's your payment, good travels my friend.


  • 11 silver, 36 copper
  • 11,500 experience


Running north on the shore you will find a large set of Siege Rocks, right-click these rocks to complete the objective.

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