Level: 10
Related NPC's:
Leads To:
Quest:No Hope For The Hopeful


Deliver the message from Arklen to Vuloch, the Stable Master in Cotswold.


Welcome to Cotswold! I see you're one of the latest arrivals to the outskirts of Camelot. Anyone here to help with realm defense is most welcome. I'm pleased to do my part in readying you for that experience. King Constantine's hands are full dealing with the trouble that plague Albion. These are dark times, but we're a stalwart people and are fortunate to have a king that takes the well-being of his people seriously. Still, we're beset by many dangers. There's the threat of invasion by Midgard and Hibernia, precious relics to guard, lands to protect, and forces of evil that dwell below, awaiting the opportunity to strike. The realm war is taking a toll on our women and men fighting in the frontlines. The Guild leaders informed us that they're recruiting as many Clerics as possible for the Frontiers. I need you to deliver Vuloch, our town's Stable Master, a message regarding this news. He'll see to it that this message makes it into the right hands.


Deliver the message to Vuloch the Stable Master.


Thank you, *name*. I'll send a herald to the Clerics in Vetusta Abbey. This war is depleting our resources and we have much to do on all fronts. I certainly have more than my share of work.


  • 10,240 experience
  • 29 silver and some copper
  • Defenders Ring (Hits 10, Heat 2%, Cold 2%)



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