Level: 6
New Avalon - Constantine's Sound
George the Foreman
George the Foreman
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Collect three Rose Crystals from the bottom of the bay near New Avalon by right clicking on them. When you have collected 3, bring them to George.


Listen friend, I wonder if you can do me a favor. I want to make a gift for me wife and with all the bandit trouble, I haven't had the time. I was going to make her something for her garden using Rose Crystals. Would you help me by diving in the bay and gathering three Rose Crystals? You can find them just off shore an the bottom of the bay. Watch out for the crabs though as they are a bit ornery! I guess it is a funny require to make of a person who does so many brave things, but I thought you might be willing to do it just to have a nice swim!


Collect three Rose Crystals from the beach Bring the crystals to George in New Avalon


Oh, these are fine crystals! I'm going to make her a garden Lurikeen to scare away the rodents. Betty will be so pleased! Here is a little something for your time.


  • 1 silver 86 copper
  • 965 experience


Press Space to swim up Press z to swim down Although the objective states the crystals are on the beach, the quest text rightly says they are under the water. The crystals are near some sunken ships and are glowing red, right-click on the objects to collect them. George will not have a blue icon above his head indicating you can hand the quest in to him, but if you right-click him the step will mark as completed and take you to the quest finish window.

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