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Lore Edit

The Dragon's Curse Campaign will encompass 10 Chapters including the prologue; Reinventing the Catacombs zones.

New content will be released each month during 2017.

  • The Catacombs are no longer safe for players to venture into.
  • Intrepid adventurers should seek out their respective NPCs to see what might be done about it.
  • Please note that any characters logged out in Catacombs will be moved to their bind point or last safe zone upon login. This process sometimes takes two attempts when logging in from the character selection screen.
  • Aurulite returns! Within the new dungeons awaits quests and enemies who will award players with aurulite, which can be spent at the new aurulite merchants within the dungeons!


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Chapter 7

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

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