Level: 10
Chieftess Cormya
Captain Viteri
Related NPC's:
Channeler Ekim
Leads To:
Quest:To Mag Mell


Speak with Channeler Ekim near Chieftess Cormya for passage back to Captain Viteri in Fintain. Speak with Captain Viteri once you arrive in Fintain.


Thanks to your sacrifice and bravery, Dun Cormya has resisted the waves of Midgard Invaders. We are not quite out of the woods, but what remains of the invasion force can be handled by our Cormya Guardians. Captain Viteri has been eagerly awaiting a dispatch from Dun Cormya. He has been coordinating the defense against the Albion invasion force and he will be pleased to hear that the keep defense is going well. Ekim has been stationed here to evacuate guardians critically wounded in defense of the keep. He will provide you with easy passage back to Fintain so that you may deliver the dispatch to captain Viteri.


Speak with Channeler Ekim for passage to Fintain Channeler Ekim says, "I am most pleased to you, *name*. Simply tell me when you are [ready] and I will provide you with passage back to Fintain." Channeler Ekim says, "To Fintain! Good luck, *race*." Speak to Captain Viteri


Right-clicking on Captain Viteri will automatically finish this quest.


  • 5,120 experience
  • 7 silver and some copper



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