What's up with Pendragon support?

Currently the In Game Support Personnel are focused on the live servers. Generally our Server Leads will have their assigned live servers checked off for monitoring as well as Pendragon. As you could imagine, Pendragon appeals can sometimes get buried amongst the live appeals. To help address this problem the senior and Executive CS staff (Myself, the Director of CS, and my Team Leads) all keep an eye out on the Pendragon queue while performing our other duties. When we see serious issues reported via the appeal system, we get them to the developers for review as quickly as possible. Something else to keep in mind. We also test out any changes to the appeal system as well as our back end support tools on Pendragon. As a result, there are occasions where the tools may not function as they would on the live servers and we may have a slip in response to appeals on Pendragon. Usually when it appears we are ignoring people on test, in truth we are debugging processes and are unable to respond.

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