The latest game patches in reverse chronological order.

Patch Highlights

August 22,2012

  • Captured Relics have new Relic Guards
  • Scaling Difficulty added for Relic Guards and Envoys
  • Resistance Spells Changed
  • Realm Enhancement NPC's now sell Resist Tokens
  • Realm Abilities Changed
  • Mauler Updates

May 22, 2012

  • New (Old) Relic System
  • Class Balance
  • Battleground Cap Warnings
  • Connection Stability Improvements
January 31, 2012
  • General Bugfixes
January 24, 2012
  • New Frontier RvR Missions
  • TOA Glass Quests
  • Animists Controllable Pet
  • Thane Improvements
October 25, 2011
  • New User Journey
  • Battleground Progression
  • Potion Improvements
  • Re-activated house rent
September 19, 2011
  • Summoners Hall improvements
  • Repeatable Monster and Player kill tasks added to Leirvik and Cathal Valley battlegrounds.
  • Respec stones improvements.

See AlsoEdit

For more patch notes see the Category:Patch Notes.

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