Patch Notes: Version 1.89a

Dark Age of Camelot
Test Version 1.89a Release Notes
Quests and New Features
April 19, 2007


  • Players no longer need to log out and log back into the game to finalize the changes made using the /xfire (on|off) command. Note, there may be some delay as the Xfire servers are updated. Note this only affects the live game.
  •  %t will now work in general chat.
  • Added camera snapback functionality to the third person camera view. With this function enabled, while the player character is moving and you rotate your camera around, it will automatically snap back to its original state. This feature has three adjustable settings; low, medium and high. This feature is on by default and can be turned off by visiting the in-game options menu.
  • There no longer is code support for horizontal resize buttons.

Notes for Custom UI writers:

Custom UI writers must convert any HorizontalResizeButtonDef and HorizontalResizeButtonTemplate they have defined into ButtonDef and ButtonTemplate respectively. The default UIs only use the HorizontalResizeButtonDef in the social window, which is specified in community_window.xml.

Listbox headers can no longer use HorizontalResizeButtonTemplates.

The HorizontalResizeButtonTemplates "generic_hr_button" and "listbox_hrbutton" specified in the styles.xml have been removed. The related HorizontalResizeImageTemplates "generic_hr_image_normal," "generic_hr_image_pressed," "generic_hr_image_normalhighlight," "generic_hr_image_disabled," and "listbox_header" were removed as well.


Quests - Albion

  • Heart of Albion - Players on step 11 of this quest will now be directed to the correct location of Lady Nimue.


  • Scouting the Gnolls - This Royal Expedition Task has been modified so the player must seek out an Outcast Gnoll Leader as opposed to outcast gnoll scruffs. Players on this task need to only slay one leader now as opposed to a number of scruffs.

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