Patch Notes: Version 1.88F
Dark Age of Camelot
Test Version 1.88f Release Notes
Archery Adjustments
March 15, 2007


  • Graphics for the kiln in Ludlow have been updated for catacombs and newer clients.
  • The block rate for PvP combat has been capped at 75%.
  • The block rate for PvE combat remains unchanged.
  • The block rate for Engage remains unchanged.



  • All archery shot types now have a unique icon.
  • New sounds have been added for Archery draw, release and hit.
  • The Strength buff from Archery now has a more generic Strength buff icon and spell effect, rather than the Hibernian tree effect and icon.
  • The damage selection buffs in the Archery line now have icons appropriate to the damage type they provide. These buffs now have a 1 second recast time, and will no longer affect melee combat.
  • Archery no longer has a minimum range requirement.
    Â- Archers now receive the Mastery of Concentration Realm Ability.
  • Crit shot will now bypass Bladeturn, but not break it; as well as bypassing Brittle Guards, Intercept, Guard and Block.
  • Ranges have been normalized and increased across the board for archery shots.
  • Volley has not been fully implemented with this version, but will be included in a future version in this patch cycle.
  • Block rates for Archery are now normalized across the realms. This corrects an issue which caused Archery shots to be blocked significantly more then intended.
  • Weaponskill values will now display for Rangers and Hunters.
  • Guard, Phase Shift, Brittle Guards and Intercept now work against Archery.


Quests - Albion

  • My Mother's Lute - This Albion Royal Expedition Task will now reward experience as well as coin.

Item Notes

  • The Perfectly Balanced version of the Minstrel Dextera Blade will now debuff Slash Resistance instead of Thrust.


Quests - Hibernia

  • Unraveling: Crush the Alliance - The quest will no longer display the message "This is not the proper time to drop the Korazh Insignia" in addition to the correct message when players use the Korazh Insignia in the proper area.

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