Patch Notes: Version 1.85E
Dark Age of Camelot
Test Version 1.85e Release Notes
Tradeskills, Quest System, and Class Changes
August 30, 2006</p>



 - Clockwork Cat - As a token of appreciation, Royal Escorts located outside the throne room of each Realm will gift players who pre-ordered Labyrinth of the Minotaur with a special clockwork cat.

Buff Changes

In an effort to reduce downtime, buffs with durations based on timers have been normalized across the realms. We will be monitoring the effects of this change and make adjustments as necessary.

 - The duration of many buffs (self, pet-cast, group, and realm) have been increased. Most were increased to have one-hour durations, with the exception of the group-based resist buffs. These were set to have 30-minute durations.

 - Many buffs (self, pet-cast, group, and realm) are now uninterruptible and may be cast while moving.  This change does not apply to self-only bladeturn buffs.


Specialty Armor Updates

 - All Specialty Armor Recipes will share a single dropped pattern.

 - Gloves, Boots and Sleeves will consume one pattern.
 - Leggings and Helms will consume two patterns.
 - Vests will consume three patterns

 - The drop rates for patterns have been increased.

Ranged Weapon Updates

 - Material Level 9 bows with predefined weapon effects have been added to the game.


 - The Legion guardians in the Chapter Three dungeons will now spawn less frequently.

Quests - All Realms

 - A Gift for the Consul - The Royal Escorts outside each throne room will tell players a bit about the Minotaur visitors as well as give the player the opportunity to present the High Consul with a gift from their Realm.

 - Soldier Carenza, Soldat Gyrid, Saighdear Creag have been added to Oceanus Haven.


 - Soldier Carenza, Soldat Gyrid, Saighdear Creag have been added to Oceanus Haven.


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