Patch Notes: Version 1.45D


Dark Age of Camelot

Version 1.45D Release Notes

February 8, 2002


We made a few changes that fix a few more bugs introduced in 1.45.

- We introduced a bug where line of sight was no longer required to fire arrows or spells at an enemy (i.e. one that is inside a keep). This has been fixed. You now once again must have line of sight.

- The granite giants in Dartmoor were not using proper bow animations. This has been fixed.

- Keep Lords, in some cases, were healing themselves at far more than their normal rate. This led to them basically being unkillable, and has been fixed.

- The Stunning Flash and Holy Anger Cleric Smite lines had their power costs unintentionally increased. These have been returned to their old values.

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